Welcome to my website, come enjoy the world through my eyes.

Pam Mullins

Wildlife and Nature Photographer

I'm a self taught photographer living on the Sunshine

Coast of British Columbia Canada.

What would the world be like without photographs?

They bring pleasure to our hearts and minds, stir

our emotions and make us think. They are a gentle reminder of moments past and can beckon us to

new experiences.

I feel privileged to see our world throught the lens

of my camera. There is a memory and emotion

attached to every photo I take. I invite you into

each image and hopefully you can experience that

emotion with me.

Come look into the eyes of wild animals and feel the connection I feel. Come see the beauty in stunning landscapes, imagine the smells, feel the breeze and cool mist from waterfalls, come on an adventure with me and fall in love with nature and the creatures we share this planet with.

My images have appeared on everything from Boy Scout badges to T-Shirts, banners, calendars, books, news papers, web pages like Explore BC, and magazines like Canadian Geographic, Wild Planet and others.

If you would like to purchase one of my images please feel free to contact me at pamswildimages@gmail.com.